Kayak And Fishing Accessories and How to Rig Them Easily

Having the right kayak and fishing accessories can make your fishing experience much more enjoyable and successful. Many accessories make kayak and fishing easier and more efficient, while others really aren’t worth the extra money. So which accessories should you have, and how can you rig your kayak with them? We’ll cover just that in this article.

The first accessory every angler needs is a rod holder. Rod holders keep your rods up safe and secure as you paddle to your destination. You can buy and install a flush-mount rod holder, have someone install one for you, or make your own rod holder. If you install one yourself, you’ll need to cut a hole in your kayak. Make sure your rod holder comes with an end cap to prevent water from entering the hull. And check to see if the rod holder will fit where you plan to install it, and that there are no obstructions in the way.

If you go with the do-it-yourself version instead of flush-mount, you’ll need a milk crate and some PVC pipe. Simply cut the PVC into two 14-inch pieces. Then secure them to two corners of the milk crate using zip ties. You can then secure the crate to your kayak using bungee cords.

The next accessory you should have is a rod leash. Rod leashes help you hold on to your fishing pole once you catch a fish, and keep your rod secure while paddling. To install, you simply tie one end to your rod and the other end to a deck loop. These go for $30 or less, but if you want to save the money you can make your own out of rope or an old telephone cord.

You can’t go kayak fishing without tackle, so our next recommended accessory is a tackle box with tackle and tools. When choosing a tackle box, consider the space requirements and where it will go in your Fishing kayak. Things you can include in your tackle box are a pair of needle nose pliers, side cutters, scissors or nail clippers to cut line, a bait container, game clip, plugs, flies, and all of the tackle you’ll be using.

Another, accessory to consider is a drift sock. These simply cup the water while you drift to slow down the pace, allowing you to fish an area without stopping completely. They look like miniature parachutes and can be attached where you would tie your anchor. You’ll also need 5’ of anchor line to run the drift sock. Drift socks can cost up to $60, but are usually priced around $30 or $40.

If you’ll be fishing in new areas, a fish finder can be your best friend. This electronic device will allow you to locate fishing holes, know the depth of any given area, and spend more time catching fish rather than finding them. The LCD display panel needs to be installed topside (by epoxy or Velcro) and the sensor will have to be installed on the bottom of the kayak. These can be attached using epoxy or another type of marine adhesive.

When shopping for a fish finder, look for units’ with removable mounting. This will allow you to remove them during storage. It will also allow you to remove the unit while paddling, so you can store it in a bag to keep dry.

By including these kayak fishing accessories in your setup, you’ll be improving your odds of returning home with a catch. They can add to the already exciting experience of kayak and fishing. Just make sure you have the basics (such as a PFD, fishing pole, and anchor) before purchasing any extras.

Written by Kayak and Fishing

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