Gift Buying Guide for the Kayak Fishing Angler

If you have somebody important in your life that loves the sport of kayak fishing you may feel as though you are at a loss when trying to find a good gift. Don’t lose hope because there are many affordable gift options for kayak fishing anglers. There is no better feeling than getting someone a gift that they love, but it is hardly affordable to buy a kayak fishing angler a new fishing kayak, or a kayak fishing trip. Fortunately though, there are all kinds of gear and gadgets that kayak fishing anglers use that can make the perfect gift and are affordable. The best part is that new additions to the list of great gifts are being added all the time!

Some items may enhance the overall kayak and fishing experience, while others may improve the success of a fishing trip, and others are just plain fun. The perfect gift will depend on the kayak fishing angler you have in mind, but rest assured there is likely something out there for the angler in your life. One of these popular items may be just what you are looking for.
Kayak Fishing Books and Magazines – Books and magazines make great gifts for kayak fishing anglers for a number of reasons. Both can offer tricks of the trade as well as insight into different types of kayak fishing experiences. What a great way for the lake kayak fishing angler to understand the trials and tribulations of ocean kayak fishing or vice versa, it’s also a great way for a kayak fishing angler to hear about a life changing experience. There are so many things that this type of gift offers the kayak fishing enthusiast and a great one to start with is Cory Routh’s newest book on kayak fishing. “Kayak Fishing: The Ultimate Guide,” by Scott Null and Joel McBride is another good choice, as is “Kayak fishing: The Revolution,” written by Ken Daubert.

Kayak and Fishing Gear – There is plenty of kayak and fishing gear within an affordable price range for gift giving, and new and improved gear is always coming onto the market. One thing that any kayak fishing angler can always appreciate is a good gear bucket and/or cooler. Whether the kayak fishing angler you know prefers a two-in-one type bag or two separate bags or containers, there are plenty of choices out there. The 2011 Hobie Gear Bucket is a great choice because it fits right in the hatch compartment that many Hobie fishing kayaks are equipped with. An even more versatile bag that is getting a lot of attention is the YakPak which can hold a number of different kayak fishing items. The SeaLine Black Canyon Dry Bag is another great option. Just keep in mind when doing your gift shopping for a kayak fishing enthusiast that anglers love a good gear bag.

Waterproof Electronics – Although it does not seem that electronics and water go together, the truth is they can if you have the right electronics. Waterproof electronics such as waterproof cameras, GPS systems, and waterproof phones make ideal gifts for kayak fishing anglers because they are all important items to have on certain kayak fishing trips, particularly those that take place in the ocean. While some of these can run highly priced there are plenty of quality, affordable options as well, such as the Cannon PowerShot D10 and the Pentax Optio W30 waterproof cameras. The Samsung Explorer is a great option for a waterproof cell phone, and the Garmin waterproof series is a great line of waterproof GPS systems. All of these items can really come in handy on your kayak fishing trips.

Sometimes choosing the right gift for someone can be a difficult task, but when that someone enjoys something like kayak fishing there are plenty of great options. These are only a few of the types of gifts that any kayak fishing angler would love, and a good place to start when it comes time to buy a gift for a kayak fishing angler you know.

Written by Kayak and Fishing

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