Deep Sea Kayak Fishing

When it comes to kayaks designed for kayak and fishing there are essentially two basic choices that the kayak fishing angler has. The decision as to whether to use a traditional fishing kayak that the angler sits inside of versus the more modern sit-on-top fishing kayak is one that should be decided after considering a number of factors. This is even truer when the kayak fishing that the angler will be doing is deep sea kayak fishing because this is a whole different ballgame compared to kayak fishing in a lake.

When deep sea kayak fishing on a sit-on-top fishing kayak anglers can be much more comfortable but also much safer as well. There are four key advantages to using a sit-on-top kayak for deep sea kayak and fishing, each important to either success or safety, or both. Once you have discovered what those benefits are you will understand what all the hype regarding sit-on-top fishing kayaks is all about.

Increased Safety – By far the biggest advantage of using a sit-on-top fishing kayak is the safety that comes with it. With traditional sit-in-kayaks there is more of a potential to end up with water in the cockpit which can be dangerous alone. But another factor that should be considered is flipping over in a sit-in-kayak. Certain techniques such as the Eskimo Roll must be mastered when using this type of kayak in order to be able to get out of a dangerous situation. The advantage of using a sit-on-top kayak is that you can easily get back on if you should fall off or capsize. Additionally sit-on-top kayaks are designed with better drainage than their counterpart, which is always an added safety bonus when deep sea kayak fishing because you definitely do not want to sink.

Added Stability – Another advantage to sit-on-tops kayaks that goes hand-in-hand with the safety factor is the added stability of a sit-on-top fishing kayak. Although your center of gravity will be somewhat higher than it would be in a sit-in-kayak, the angler does have the ability to move around much more. This allows the deep sea kayak fishing angler to move quickly if a situation requires him or her to do so. This is a major advantage when out on the open deep seas because things can change quickly, and may require equally quick movements in order to maintain safety.

Kayak and Fishing Comfort – Deep sea kayak fishing means being out in the water for a significant amount of time so the comfort characterized by the sit-on-top kayak is another great advantage. Not only do sit-in-kayaks have much less room for the kayak fishing angler to move around in, but the center of gravity is very low as well and may not foster comfort for long periods of fishing. This is particularly beneficial for larger fishing kayak anglers as they will feel much less cramped in a sit-on-top fishing kayak.

Extra Space – As noted previously, space is definitely better in sit-on-top fishing kayaks and this goes both for the cockpit area as well as for storage. Sit-on-top fishing kayaks are designed with significant storage space compared to sit-in-kayaks. This is a great advantage to have when deep sea kayak fishing because there are a number of additional items that you will want to bring. Safety gear is important to begin with but even more so when in the deep seas so having the storage for that gear is a bonus.

For a long time sit-in-kayaks were the norm among kayak fishing anglers but the trend is quickly shifting. For deep sea kayak fishing sit-on-top fishing kayaks offer significant advantages that should be considered before choosing a kayak fishing vessel.

Written by Kayak and Fishing

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