Basics of Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing just may be the ultimate hobby- its great exercise, relaxing, challenging, rewarding, and inexpensive! When just starting out it can seem like there are more challenges to overcome than anything, we’ve all been there. Kayak fishing is different than powerboat or other types of fishing and it can take some getting used to. Follow these basics and you’ll be a regular kayak angler in no time.

Know how to use your kayak

If you don’t have experience kayaking, don’t expect to go fishing your first time. Kayaking requires skill and balance, both of which come from experience. So plan to take your kayak out on the water a couple times and learn how to use it before fishing. Learn to use your body weight to balance the kayak, and learn how to paddle efficiently. Once you feel comfortable with your kayak you can take your equipment with and start kayak fishing.

Keep your equipment secure

There will be times when you’ll lose your balance and flip your kayak, and there will be times when you drop your paddle or fishing pole. Losing a piece of equipment can not only be incredibly frustrating, it can be dangerous- especially if that piece of equipment is your paddle. Keep all of your equipment safe and secure with bungees, dry-bags, and leashes. You may think a paddle leash will just get in the way, but you’ll be glad you have it when you land a fish and not have to worry if your paddle is safe or not.

Always plan for safety

Safety should be your main concern with kayak fishing. Effective planning and taking necessary precautions will go a long way in keeping you safe. Always check to see how the weather will be before going out on the water. This includes wind speeds, temperature, and of course making sure it won’t rain. Also bring sunscreen and UV-filtering sunglasses when it’s sunny.

Also before you hit the water, make sure someone else knows where you’re going to be. They should know the route you plan to take, how long you’ll be gone, and who to contact if you’re more than a couple hours late. You should do this even when kayaking with groups, but especially if you’re going to paddle alone.

Bring the right bait and tackle

If you’re new to fishing, you probably don’t know about the different types of fish and how to catch them. Will you need live bait, worms, or some lures? When you know your kayak fishing destination, do some research to find out what types of fish you’ll find in that area. If you plan on catching Bass, some worms will be fine for bait .But depending on your area and the type of fish present you may have to use live bait. Doing research and a little preparing can go a long way in ensuring you come home with a catch.

The basics of kayak fishing really come down to safety and preparedness. A big part of the success of your fishing trip depends on what you do before you ever step foot in your kayak. Simply taking the time to research, plan, and prepare will allow you to worry about nothing more than reeling in the fish.

Written by Kayak and Fishing

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